Who were the real heirs of Shane's Castle

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Who were the real heirs of Shane's Castle

Phelim Baccach had two known sons, but probably had a lot more
these two sons were Hugh and Brian. Can't find what happen to Hugh or if he had sons ?
Brian died but left two sons  John and Conn again he probably had more
Don't know what happen to Conn he might be the ancestor Rían is talking about.
John had five sons
Henry, Arthur, Phelim, Shane Óg, Hugh
Arthur did leave issue but his line they say ran out and they say Shane Óg and Hugh died without issue, this leaves us with Henry and Phelim
Henry had no male heir but did have a daughter Rose.
Phelim had two sons Brian and Arthur again he might have had more?. Henry having no male heir everything went Brian, I don't know what happen to Arthur
Brian had three sons French John, Henry, Hugh and who knows maybe more.
Don't know what happened to Henry.
Hugh  they say was forced to join the British Navy but jumped ship in America changed his name to ONeall or Neal he married Anne Cox and had seven children. William, James, Hugh, Henry, John, Thomas, Mary, George. This is the man Judge John Belton O'Neill said was his ancestor.
French John had three sons Henry, Charles, Clotworthy
Henry had a daughter and no sons, Charles and Clotworthy  had children but both their lines ran out
The Chichester Line and the sad taking of the O'Neill name and lands, most O'Neills will say that there was plenty of O'Neills around who were far more intitled to inherit Shane's castle but being Irish and Catholic they were never allowed. This was the chance the Planter overlords were waiting for and they got it. Chichester replaced O'Neill and to add insult to injury they stole the name .
Mary the daughter of Henry married the Rev Arthur Chichester and had a son William.
William had two sons Arthur and Edward, Arthur died.
Edward had four sons, William, Robert, Arthur, George.
William the son of Edward Chichester had a title created for him by the crown and that title was Baron or Lord O'Neill insuring his descendants would hold onto the Castle and lands, ask any O'Neill today and they will tell you that these people are not in spirit , pride, passion, allegiance, blood, O'Neills and never will be.
Please feel free to debate any of the above


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