Máel Múire, mother of the Ó Néill Clan

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Máel Múire, mother of the Ó Néill Clan

The daughter of Cináedh mac Ailpín, Máel Múire, is the mother of Níall Glúndubh, from whom the name Ó Néill comes from. His grandson Domhnall was the first to take on the name, Ó meaning 'grandson of'. Cináedh, popularly known as Kenneth mac Alpine, "First King of Scotland" (which is not an entirely accurate historical statement, although he was at one point in his life King of Dal Riada, and at another Rex Pictoris, or King of Pictland, and possibly the first to be both). His offspring seem to have seen themselves as Picts rather than Gaels, making the Ó Néill Clan half Pictish in a way.


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