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The Irish Race Today


The Irish race today is popularly known as the Milesian Race, because the genuine Irish ( Celtic ) people were supposed to be descended from Milesius of Spain, whose sons, say the legendary accounts, invaded and possessed thenselves of Ireland a thousand years before Christ.

But it is nearly as inaccurate to style the Irish people pure Milesian because the lands was conquered and settled by the Milesians, as it would be to call them Anglo-Norman because it was conquered and settled by the twelfth century English.

The Races that occupied the land when the so called Milesians came, chiefly the Firbolg and the Tuatha De Danann, were certainly not exterminated by the conquering Milesians. Those two peoples formed the basis of the future population, which was dominated and guided, and had its characteristics moulded, by the far less numerous but more powerful Milesian aristocracy and soldiery.

All three of these races, however, were different tribes of the great Celtic family, who, long ages before, had separated from the main stem, and in the course of later centuries blended again into one tribe of Gaels - three derivatives of one stream, which, after winding their several ways across Europe from the East, in Ireland turbulently met, and after eddying, and surging tumultuously, finally blended in amity, and flowed onward in one great Gaelic stream. 


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