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    you are welcome to join us on fb ancient clan o'neill

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    Your in the grove of the Clans Ancients as I am & I am on a roll with researching & I have the gift of finding more heritage histories that others have not found but some are in other families histories so what I wanted to say to you is that our modern day Clan members are not as involved or at all & like I tell Thor Ewing in the UK of Clan Ewen as he asked me what my opinion was of them & I stated that "Yeah well they buy their kilts, gather & gussle beer" as that is all I see in the Ewing Family Assocation" & that Wally dude caved in on one bitch of our using Clan on our name & I told him hey moron beady eye pencil pushing of a leader of this assocation that were the Clan & not the KKK & were not from Albert Pikes Civil War Days Idiot were from the beginning of all get it! So the Assocations ah discussion page he wrote "ENOUGH ABOUT THE NAME" Anyways did you know the name of "EOGHIAN" is not only the oldest of all time but the 1st to be a name of a family or Clan??? Yep I am feeling like a Ancestor myself & the more I know the more others look stupid or just plain CLUELESS & when you get that alone being so full of real truthful knowledge it makes you realize maybe you are not of this time but here with others & sure enough as from 2014 to now a lot have connected & are all working this Spiritual Battle of the Evils within & all agree that we all were here by agreement to do this & we will be rewared with asscending to where we belong & not cycling here time after time & secert is to before death is telling your soul you want to asscend now & so easy but not know to many so your thoughts??? Steven Ray Ewing a deicated Clan member of 3 Clans & a Knights Templar of Rossyln & Sandy McBride & I e-mail a lot of todays events & battles & he declared war on the Pope 3 weeks ago 1st time in 10 centuries & now the 3rd Cursades are happening & same ole war of "CHRISTIANTY & ISLAM" when does this ever end??? How many of us have to fight this for the masses of Sheep??? They never fight or stand up against what & who is known to commit Treason & Betrayals to their Nation now a Zoo full of whatever,s here???

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    A massive thank you to all the community groups who took part in the Community heritage festival in Co Tyrone and Co Armagh. Great to see all the communities coming together to celibate our culture and heritage 

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    Ancient clan O'Neill pike men on the river Blackwater 


  • Reply to: Any O'Neill's in Randlastown, Northern Ireland?   1 month 1 week ago

    Hi Dwayne: Thank you for connecting with me. I saw the reply from Dan O'Neill re: FaceBook now being more of the forum; unfortunately, I do not use FaceBook. Perhaps you can email me at

    I would be interested in connecting with you via email to exchange some information to see if we may be from the same O'Neill clan in Randalstown. There appears to have been two O'Neill families in Randalstown, one which was is associated with Shanes' Castle. I emailed a descendant in 2014 and he told me that they had two large fires over the years which destroyed records. I don't think my O'Neill descendants were related to those O'Neills of Randalstown.

    By the way, I had my DNA done via Ancestry DNA, which provides Extremely High to Low possible DNA matches. Have you done that yet?




  • Reply to: Any O'Neill's in Randlastown, Northern Ireland?   1 month 1 week ago

    Sorry haven't been on here for a few days, we do all our stuff over on facebook these days please join us there, Ancient Clan O'Neill group page

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    Hi Kathleen and Dan, My O'Neill roots are from near Randalstown and I would be interested in sharing our O'Neill connections.


    Ontario, Canada

  • Reply to: 2016 400th Anniversary of the Great Hugh O'Neill   1 month 3 weeks ago

    Someday I expect it will be a movie too!  Laughing. 


  • Reply to: Searching for Erins ancestors   1 month 3 weeks ago

    I have not been on site at all , a problem that the IT providers could have done 4 weeks ago 



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