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Welcome to the Ancient Clan O'Neill, for the first time in over 400 years you have the opportunity to become an official member of the Clann Ó Néill ( it is your birthright ) the O'Neill Clan has spread all over the world and the surname spelling varies from place to place such as Neal, O'Neal, Neil, Neayl, O'Neil and so on, but no matter how your name is spelt you and anyone who had or has an O'Neill relative are welcome on board. The membership is free and all we ask from you is to be a proud member of your Irish clan.

The Ancient Clan O'Neill want to bring O'Neill's from around together and as part of this we invite you to record your O'Neill family history, telling us about your father, grandfather, great grandfather, this will be recorded in our O'Neill family tree project and printed in a book, a great undertaken but generations to come will be glad we made this effort, and remember if you only know the history of your O'Neill father that is fine, everyone has the right to be in this Book of O'Neill. Email all family history to oneillsofulster@yahoo.co.uk

There is a donation button at the bottom of this page and is purely optional, it has nothing to do with the above so please feel free to register without donating. To find out more please go to our website ancientclanoneill.com or visit our facebook group page Ancient Clan O'Neill. Welcome on board

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This is the Offical web site of the O'Neills of Ulster. With the support of our kinsmen, we are coming together to form a strong Celtic community  in Ireland and across the world.

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