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3. The Ancient Clans of Cineál Eoghain 1: The Sons of Eoghan and Cineál Fergus

Over the course of a millennium, the ancestors of Eoghan mac Niall, first King of Aileach grew to great wealth and power in Ulster, conquering most of the Central and Eastern sections of the Province and forging a great Kingdom.  As they did so, they divided and subdivided into the many septs and

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03 Nov

Gaelic primitivism? Give it a rest. The Nine Years War (1593-1603) and the zenith of native Irish military power.

The Nine Years War been focus of my study for some years now, in fact longer than the war lasted. I find it interesting as it is represents both the apogee of Gaelic military ability and the final destruction of the native military and political power.

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08 Sep

Cineál Eoghain History 1

Between 1200 and 1600 the Great O’Neills of Ulster ruled the most powerful and expansive Kingdom in medieval Ireland,  at its apex stretching from Inishowen to Armagh and East of Lough Neagh to the Irish Sea.  This Kingdom was known as Tir Eoghain and the majority of it was not owned by the O’Nei

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Hugh O’Neill anniversary

As you will no doubt be aware, 2016 commemorates the 400th anniversary of the passing of Aodh Mór Ó Néill, Hugh “The Great” O'Neill (1550 –1616), Earl of Tír Eoghain (Tyrone), Chieftain of Ulster, Leader of the Clan Uí Neill, “The O’Neill”. 

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