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Maguire, MacBaron and Henry Duke’s crackers: the Battle of the Ford of the Biscuits, 7 August 1594

We hear a lot about Hugh O’Neill’s revolutionary military reforms and his ability to outpace, outmanoeuvre and outfight his opponents, who were still under the mistaken opinion that the ‘primitive’ Irish were still going to fight them in their traditional old-fashioned ways.

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27 May

‘Wonderfully altered from their Irish manner of arms’: the Battle of Clontibret, 27 May 1595.

Never one to let an anniversary pass unheralded (that time on our first wedding anniversary we both forgot…really, ask her), today's the day 421 years ago at the Battle of Clontibret, when the crown finally got the message that Irish, led by Hugh O’Neill, earl of Tyrone, were not going to play to

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The women of Tyrone's Rebellion

The conflict between Hugh O’Neill, earl of Tyrone and Queen Elizabeth I is known by several names. Tyrone’s Rebellion is one, the Nine Years War is another (though it lasted ten but that’s an argument for another day).

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Before Bartlett: Hugh O'Neill's Dungannon

Most people who are familiar with the history of Dungannon have seen Richard Bartlett’s colour illustration drawn in 1602-3. It shows the shattered wreck of O’Neill’s main residence. One corner of the tower remains, with a square bawn wall punctuated by gun loops for defence.

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