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Ancient Clan O’Neill an Irish Legend 

The Book of O'Neill

A warm O'Neill clan welcome this your opportunity to make your family part of Irish history. As an O'Neill,Neel,Neal,Niel, McNeill or someone who is related to an O'Neill -Mother, Uncle,Aunt,Grandparents and so on, you have the right to register your family in the Leabhar Uí Néill. You get to register your whole household in this historic book which will be placed in a time capsule at the ancient hill of Tulach Óg the crowning place of the O'Neill Chiefs, it will remain there on show for 100 years.

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Time capsule

The time capsule will be installed in June 2016 as part of the celebrations to mark the 400th anniversary of the great Hugh O'Neill, a week long of events will be held throughout the Mid Ulster area.

The book

The Book of O'Neill will be placed into a bronze ornamented casket this will be placed into the time capsule which has a reinforced glass top and may be viewed by visitors for the next 100 years, at new redeveloped interpretation area at Tullaghoge fort the crowning place of the O'Neill Chiefs.


This is a worldwide O'Neill family census, enter the names of our household only, plus area, district, City, Country. Enter the names of your deceased parents, grandparents or great grandparents.

Two Copies

Two copies of the Book of O'Neill will be printed and bound in a leather case, one will be locked in a time capsule at Tullaghoge fort and the other will be put on show at the Burnavon Cookstown Arts centre and the Hill of O'Neill at Dungannon.

Deadline May the 1st 2018.

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We are delighted to announce that an important aspect of our celebrations in 2016 will be the creation of Leabhar Uí Néill (The Book of O’Neill). A record of every member of the Clan O’Neill, past and present. Whether you are related to an O’Neill or have one of the many variations of the name such as Neal, Niel,Neel, Neill ,coming from one of the greatest clans in Ireland your family has the right to have their details recorded in what will become a lasting legacy of the 2018 commemorations and a living record to be accessed by future generations of scholars, academics, researchers and clans folk, ensuring that the future of our great name continues and our great ancestral lineage is never forgotten. We propose to create 2 leather bound publications highlighting the many counties, countries, nationalities, and names that have descended from our great clan name. o trace your ancestors.


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If you are O’Neill, Neill, Neale, Neal, Neel, Neale or any derivative of the name or indeed any surname connected to the Clan Uí Néill, this is your chance to have your details written into Irish History. Once the publication is completed in 2018 we plan to have one copy to be held for permanent display in the heart of Tír Eoghain, that will be easily accessible for public viewing. The second copy will be placed in a time capsule which will form part of the interpretation that is planned for the soon to be redeveloped Tulach Og (Tullaghoge Fort), ancestral home and ancient crowning site of “The O’Neill” ensuring that those detailed in the publication, regardless of where they are in the world, will always have a permanent, direct and lasting connection to the ancestral home of their forefathers. You will of course appreciate that given the scale of this ambitious project and the associated production, printing and binding cost, the publication will have a significant time and financial resource implication. As a result any contributions towards its production costs would be greatly appreciated. A small fee per household will be required for entry in this historic book and details of that will be provided on this site soon.

The Ancient Clan O’Neill is a non-profit making group.  We have no paid employees, only volunteers who give their time free of charge. To register your family in the Book of O’Neill there is a fee of twenty pound sterling that will go towards the costs accrued in designing, producing and printing two copies of the book plus the ornamented bronze casket it will be enclosed in for the next 100 years.

This is a worldwide O’Neill type census and you may only register the names of your immediate household – Mother, Father and children. There is also an area on the form to register any deceased parents, grandparents and great grandparents if known as well as your O’Neill family history.

By registering in the Book of O’Neill you are agreeing to allow your family information to be viewed by the public. One copy of this book will be on display at the Arts Centre, Cookstown and at the Hill of O’Neill in Dungannon, Co Tyrone.  It will be also stored on the Ancient clan O’Neill .com website, and we do this because we want this book to be open to genealogists, historians and future generations of the O’Neill clan.

Once you have paid and registered your information, the Ancient Clan O’Neill cannot refund any payment so please ensure that it is completed accurately.  The information provided will be used solely for the purpose of publishing this historical record and by registering to submit your family history you consent to publication in the Book of O’Neill.  Please therefore complete the O’Neill census form with as much information that you wish to share. 

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  • Time capsule
  • 2 books prints
  • Bound in a leather case
  • Deadline May the 1st 2018
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