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    Join us for the Gathering of the Clans, and explore a unique part of the history and heritage of the Mid Ulster region.
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  • Cineál Eoghain
    Is your Irish surname part of the great Cineál Eoghain click here and find out.
  • Join us for the great Hugh Ó Néill 400th anniversary
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    Hugh Ó Néill 400th anniversary
  • Leabhar Uí Néill
    Record you O’Neill family in the Leabhar Ui Neill – Book of O’Neill and make it part of Irish history.

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Fáilte go Clann Ársa Uí Néill

The membership is free and all we ask from you is to be a proud member of your Irish clan.The Ancient Clan O'Neill want to bring O'Neill's from around together and as part of this we invite you to record your O'Neill family history, telling us about your father ...

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Genealogy Family research

If you hold the name O’Neill, Neal, Neel, Neil, or any of the various spelling of the name please feel free to join us in our search for our ancestors. On here you will find a bunch of enthusiastic people who help each other find the best way to family research. So please feel free to join, ask as many questions as you want ...

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The 400th anniversary

A week of events have been planned to mark the death of the great Hugh O’Neill, it will be held between the 18th and 26th of June in Counties Tyrone, South Derry and Armagh the very heart of O’Neill country. The event is titled Turas Fillte nagClann because this is a celebration of all Celtic clans from around the world.

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About us

Inspired by events put on that year by Cookstown council, the Stewartstown march and the soon to be opened Hill of O’Neill in Dugannon, a few O’Neill’s together in 2012 and decided the time was right to resurrect a fully functioning O’Neill clan, it went under the name O’Neills of Ulster / Ancient clan O’Neill of Tyrone. The small group in Ulster were quickly joined by O’Neill’s from North America, Australia, Canada and Britain. 

In three years we evolved from a think tank to a fully functioning Clan with a strong hard working committee in Ulster and four branches in the USA. We have come of age in 2015, updated our constituent, changed our name to The Ancient Clan O’Neill, so that all O’Neills from around the world feel free to join us, we created a new crest to represent every O’Neill, Neel, Neil, Neal, Niel and the many variations of the of the name and hope you look on it with pride.

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Board of Guardians

Dan O’Neill

Ancient Clan O’Neill, Co Tyrone Ireland

Laurie O’Neill Ries
International coordinator

International coordinator, Head guardian Atlantic branch U.S.

Sean M O’Neill
Head guardian Ohio valley branch U.S.A

Head guardian Ohio valley branch U.S.A

Bond Mac Eoghain
Head Guardian

Head Guardian Ancient Clan O’Neill. Pacific Branch U.S.A

Martina O'Neill Coyle
Ulster committee

Ulster committee

Professor Fr Mícheál MacCraith
Honorary president

Honorary president 

Ronnie Carson


Sean P O'Neill
Head Guardian Mid West branch USA

Head Guardian Mid West branch USA 


Cineál Eoghain - O’Neill, O’Hagan,O’Kane,Quinn,Mallon,Donnelly,Devlin and many more.


"Make your O’Neill family part of Irish history"

, Chief Guardian

"History, Genealogy, Culture, Language, Music, Dance, Poetry, Pride"

, Chief Guardian

Calling all O’Neill, Neal, Neel, Niel, Neill, Neil and the many various spellings 

, Chief Guardian

"We are building an O’Neill clan community throughout the world."

, Chief Guardian

Photo Gallery & Recent Posts

Hammering Harrington: the battle of Deputy's Pass, 29 May 1599

Apologies for being away for a while there. Back in August last year, I had a whole rush on blogs; then I leave you all hanging until now.

by Jim O'Neill / 2 Comments
25 Sep

When you absolutely positively gotta kill almost half of Mountjoy's army … the Moyry Pass, 1600, accept no substitute.

OK, I’m past the point justifying my unhealthy attention paid to Hugh O’Neill’s battles against the English crown, that’s just how this scrivener rolls.

by Jim O'Neill / 2 Comments
14 Aug

Bad result for the away side: The Battle of the Yellow Ford, 14 August 1598

Hold on a sec I hear you say, were we not at this battle stuff not a few days ago? Well, the simple answer is yes.

by Jim O'Neill / 4 Comments

Maguire, MacBaron and Henry Duke’s crackers: the Battle of the Ford of the Biscuits, 7 August 1594

We hear a lot about Hugh O’Neill’s revolutionary military reforms and his ability to outpace, outmanoeuvre and outfight his opponents, who were still under the mistaken opinion that the ‘

by Jim O'Neill / 4 Comments
27 May

‘Wonderfully altered from their Irish manner of arms’: the Battle of Clontibret, 27 May 1595.

Never one to let an anniversary pass unheralded (that time on our first wedding anniversary we both forgot…really, ask her), today's the day 421 years ago at the Battle of Clontibret, whe

by Jim O'Neill / 2 Comments

The women of Tyrone's Rebellion

The conflict between Hugh O’Neill, earl of Tyrone and Queen Elizabeth I is known by several names.

by Jim O'Neill / 9 Comments

Before Bartlett: Hugh O'Neill's Dungannon

Most people who are familiar with the history of Dungannon have seen Richard Bartlett’s colour illustration drawn in 1602-3. It shows the shattered wreck of O’Neill’s main residence.

by Jim O'Neill / 0 Comments

3. The Ancient Clans of Cineál Eoghain 1: The Sons of Eoghan and Cineál Fergus

Over the course of a millennium, the ancestors of Eoghan mac Niall, first King of Aileach grew to great wealth and power in Ulster, conquering most of the Central and Eastern sections of

by Ed Mallon / 0 Comments
03 Nov

Gaelic primitivism? Give it a rest. The Nine Years War (1593-1603) and the zenith of native Irish military power.

The Nine Years War been focus of my study for some years now, in fact longer than the war lasted.

by Jim O'Neill / 2 Comments

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